Yes. There will be a Certificate of Participation (CoP) and a Certificate of Completion (CoC).

To receive a CoP, you must successfully complete Milestone 1 of your track within 3 months of enrollment; however, the content itself needs no longer than 2 weeks to complete. To receive a CoC, you must successfully complete Milestone 2 of your track within 6 months of enrollment; however, the content itself needs no longer than 3 months to complete. Details on how to complete these Milestones are available in your classroom.

Throughout your journey, you will have access to the 1MAC community forum to ask other students and tutors questions to help you through any learning difficulties. For inquiries related to the content you can also reach out to our support team at [email protected] For inquiries related to the initiative or program at large please reach out to [email protected]

A Milestone is a stage in a student’s learning journey in his/her track where he/she is tested for the practical knowledge they have attained from the classroom content using auto graded tests.

Students do not need to apply; they simply need to enroll themselves in the track of their choice through this link. Individuals interested in becoming tutors, should apply, ready to show that they have expert knowledge in the track they are applying to as tutors – more details on tutor application will be shared soon.

Yes but individuals will only receive 1 certificate per track per milestone regardless of the number of times they enroll.

Udacity is a private online education provider that is not accredited by an official institution. However, the One Million Jordaniancoders Coders Milestone certificate will be signed by the UAE’s Minister of Artificial Intelligence and our founder Sebastian Thrun and will contain a unique code that can be later verified for every individual.

Students will only be eligible to one attempt in the final assessment per track, which is your way of competing for the nanodegree scholarship. Students will only be able to qualify for one Nanodegree scholarship (if eligible) across the duration of the entire One Million Jordaniancoders Coders initiative.

Your certificate will be automatically generated once you complete all the requirements of your milestone. You will be able provided details instructions on how to download your certificate at the end of each milestone inside your Classroom.

Yes, students can enroll in any track they prefer, but we highly recommend to enroll in one track at a time to increase your chances of success.

If you believe that you have a sufficient level of technical knowledge in one of the tracks and would like to help while you’re learning another track please feel free to apply as a tutor.

Udacity does not provide direct career support as part of the One Million Jordaniancoders Coders initiative.

The One Million Jordaniancoders Coders courses are foundational courses that, once completed, provide digital literacy and general exposure to corresponding subject matter at a basic level. Nanodegree program scholars selected from graduates of foundational courses who show high potential and promise are able to delve deeper into the corresponding subject matter in order to further equip themselves with the language of the future.

The first place you should go for technical support is the 1MAC Community, you can contact the support team through this e-mail: [email protected]

Students who have been selected for the Nanodegree scholarship will receive an email with all the details prior to the scholarship start date.

Milestone 1: Need only 2 weeks to be completed. But If you are short on time you can complete it within 3 months. Milestone 2: Can be started once you complete Milestone 1 and you finish it within 10-12 weeks. But If you need more time you will have another 3 months. (You will have 6 full months from the first day of your enrollment to finish the whole content of your track.)

Tutors need to remain consistently active on 1MAC Community for a full 3 months to receive a certificate in the program. “Consistently active” includes, but is not limited to, activities like:
– Meaningfully answering questions in community platform (topics and posts)
– Receiving a high number of appreciation on their community answers (likes received)
– Participating in community activities (e.g. 1MAC talks, workshops, etc.)

Certificates will be issued based on the names provided in your classroom, you can still edit your name if you wish from your Classroom settings. Please make sure that the first name and last name displayed there is the name you would like displayed on your certificate. Your displayed certificate name will not be changeable after graduation.

Yes, you can learn the course through your mobile web browser by logging in to https://classroom.udacity.com

All One Million Jordaniancoders Coders courses are Arabic language supported through the following:
– Course videos will contain Arabic subtitles
– Lesson text & quizzes are available in Arabic, you just need to set your account language to Arabic. You can find the language settings in your Udacity Classroom settings on the bottom left side of your homepage. (Use the desktop web version to change your account language)
– Online community platform will also support both English & Arabic languages.

Here is how you can turn-on the subtitles:
1- Click the gear icon in the bottom-right corner of the video player to the settings.
2- Expand the combo box next to Subtitles/CC.
3- Choose the desired language.

We will contact with you via email. So, please make sure to check your e-mail frequently and you will need to use one email for everything during different stages of the initiative. And make sure to check your spam folder to see if you received emails from our side.

You should maintain the email address you used to apply for the One Million Jordaniancoders Coders Program for the duration of your entire course in order to maintain eligibility for this scholarship.

Tutors will get a certificate of appreciation at the end of each year. Rewards will be distributed to the top tutors based on their performance and activity in supporting students.

Our partners at Bayt.com will help the initiative’s graduates to find job opportunities in the programming field.

Yes, all the program’s courses and exams are offered free of charge.

Empower yourself with coding skills and design the future by joining the One Million Jordanian Coders initiative today.

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